My Key Priorities…

Recruit and Retain Highly Qualified Teachers by remaining competitive in teacher salary and helping create and support a culture that allows our teachers to succeed. I will continue to communicate to our legislators the issues our teachers face every day in our schools. As a board we will continue to consider our teachers in every decision made from construction to policy along with supporting policy that includes teachers in the present and future long term planning process in FBISD.

Demonstrate Fiscal and Resource Responsibility by continuing to advocate for efficiency and transparency in distribution of funds from past bond elections; and supporting long-term utilization of facilities.

Promote Safe and Secure Schools by supporting a comprehensive approach to addressing school safety focusing on prevention through education. Our FBISD Police department just became a Recognized Law Enforcement Agency and the process provided a review that can assure our community that they are conforming to current best practices in law enforcement.

Safety & Security
Community Feedback & Outreach
Public School Advocacy
Financial & Fiscal Transparency