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Richmond, TX- Jason Burdine, FBISD Board of Trustees, and current Board President, officially announces plans to seek re-election in May 2020. Burdine was first elected to the board in May 2014 for a three-year term and was subsequently elected by his peers on the board to serve as President in May of 2017.

During his term in office, Mr. Burdine has worked diligently with fellow board members and the Superintendent to strengthen FBISD into an organization that enables all students to live choice-filled through systematic strategic long-range planning. From teachers to bus drivers, accountants to system analysis, parents to business leaders, all are committed to ensuring that students acquire the attributes of FBISD’s Profile of a Graduate. As a result of the Board’s vision, Fort Bend ISD has celebrated many successes over the past few years due to implementation of innovative programs and guiding posts such as the District’s Profile of a Graduate, all of this is due to the hard work and consistency that Mr. Burdine and his team of fellow board trustees have championed for the betterment of the educational system in the Fort Bend Community. 

During his term, the FBISD board of Trustees has been recognized as the H-E-B’s Excellence in Education Award Winner for 2017 “Outstanding School Board”, and then again in 2018 as “Outstanding Large District Winner”.  Winning these awards brought over $150,000.00 dollars in grants to the district to support and continue the best practices recognized by this state-level award. 

During his term of volunteer service, Mr. Burdine has served on the Governor-Appointed Texas School Safety Center board were he championed SB11 at the state level, while all the time working in FBISD to increase, and promote safety and security initiatives and upgrades in all schools that ensure that our teachers, students, and families are always in a safe and secure learning environment.  These initiatives included physical security upgrades to all FBISD facilities as well as implementing mental health and behavior wellness programming that supports educating the needs of the whole child. 

As a consummate servant leader, and volunteer Burdine believes that teachers are one of the most important assets of FBISD.  He voted to approve starting teacher salaries of $55,500 and has consistently supported all initiatives that support teacher growth and development. Jason also serves on the Teacher of the Year Committee which showcases the district’s talent on every campus in our district.  Mr. Burdine has a passion for education and is encouraged by the level of talented instructors with whom he works. The Teacher of the Year program is important on many levels, but specifically, it gives teachers a chance to encourage others and grow the teaching profession.  

Sound Fiscal Management is another proud achievement of FBISD. FBISD’s overall tax rate of $1.34 per $100 valuation has remain unchanged for the past six years and is among the lowest of our surrounding school districts.  For the 14th consecutive year Fort Bend ISD has received a rating of Superior Achievement by the Texas Education Agency’s School FIRST (Financial Integrity Rating System of Texas). Fort Bend ISD was also awarded five stars in the Texas Comptroller’s annual Financial Allocation Study for Texas, or FAST ratings. Mr. Burdine believes that Financial Transparency is crucial to the success of our district, building trust among all taxpayers will determine the districts future success. 

In addition to his service as President of the Board, Mr. Burdine currently works in several other roles in his service to the community, serving on the district’s Audit, Construction, and is Chairman of the Governance committees. As the board’s Construction liaison, Mr. Burdine meets with Administration on a monthly basis to review current and future construction projects in the District ensuring financial transparency and strategic oversite.  He is an Ex-Officio Board Member of the Fort Bend Education Foundation. His vested participation serves as an example to his commitment to the Fort Bend Community. 

Mr. Burdine says that his goal is to ensure that every student in FBISD receives a great education so that they can compete and contribute in society leading choice-filled lives.  “It is our duty in this great country and the great state of Texas to ensure that each and every child receives the best education we can provide so that we may lift all boats in this great community.” 

Jason and his wife Andrea Burdine have lived in Fort Bend Since 2007 and have two children, Blake and Makayla.  Jason is a Graduate of Texas A&M University. In his professional life, Jason is a Registered Investment Advisor, and leads as the Senior Vice President at Post Oak Private Wealth Advisors. Jason is a both a graduate, and participating facilitator in the Fort Bend Chamber of Commerce Leadership Forum which offers opportunities to learn and grow as a community to work together.  He enjoys spending time with family, traveling, the outdoors and volunteering in Fort Bend.

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